Neurosis: A New Musical


Split Decision


Office Space: The Musical


The Princess Bride (BMI)

The Rivals




Ten-Minute Musicals


Evelyn Shaffer and the
Chance of a Lifetime


The Almost In-Laws


Taking the Plunge


Episcus and Edendus

The Temptation of
Lady Amsterdam


The Discontented




Application Pending


Craving for Travel


A Crowded House
(Mrs. Dalloway Room)


Diplomatic Relations






Longston Park, or
The Reluctant Handkerchief 



A Cautionary Tale


  • Iced (New Girl): When Jess sculpts an Ice Viking for Cece, she approaches Schmidt for help, but creative differences drive them apart. Nick does a good deed for Winston with not-good results.
  • And The Charity Thing (2 Broke Girls): When their advertising campaign goes horribly wrong, Max and Caroline try to redeem their cupcake business by catering a charity gala for Orphans Without Borders, where they find the toast of society can sometimes burn.
  • The Branscombe Heuristic (The Big Bang Theory): When Leonard is put in charge of the recruiting table for CalTech's ultracompetitive academic fair, he tries to get Penny to be the table's eye candy, but she's so insulted that she vows to help his archrivals instead.

On the paths outside the caves, monkeys participate in activities that leave no doubt as to their genders or their interest in the other monkeys. ~ India: Soft News, Sharp Elbows