Taking the Plunge

By Greg Edwards and Amanda Louise Miller

Originally Produced by 8Minute Musicals for the New York Musical Theatre Festival 2010

Taking the Plunge is an uplifting (and down-falling) piece about a jittery groom and his soon-to-be mother-in-law who ascend Big Ben for purposes of death.


  • MRS. CHESTERFIELD, a society matron, Angela Chesterfield's mother
  • RALPH SPUNT, a nebbish veterinarian, Angela Chesterfield's fiancé


  • Davenport Ten Minute Musical Contest (New York, 2013; Festival Finalist)
  • Samuel French Off Off Broadway Festival (New York, 2011; Festival Finalist)
  • New York Musical Theatre Festival (New York, 2010)



For 8Minute Musicals, writers are paired randomly (e.g. the lovely Amanda Louise Miller and me); given a theme (e.g. a ticking clock), writing requirements (e.g. must include a foreign phrase and the line "What are you waiting for?"), and two actors (the amazing Sue Mathys and Kevin Loreque); and set loose to write an eight-minute show in three days. Taking the Plunge was the result.


Read the script. Or listen to some tunes:

The marathon organizers don’t want you to die before the race, so they provide marginal relief from the cold that you might die during the race instead. ~ 26.2 (miles) at 27.8 (years) in 3:07 (doom)