The road to good intentions is paved with blind dates. It's Valentine's Day, and Michelle has planned a blind date for (and against the will of) her roommate Helen. As date time approaches, the evening descends into a tangle of mixed allegiances, old wounds, potent truths, and good intentions gone terribly awry.

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  • HELEN DANIELS, a functional neurotic, 26
  • MICHELLE THORNE, Helen's best friend and roommate, 25
  • PATRICK STEVENSON, a bonds trader, 27
  • PARIS STEVENSON, Patrick's brother, 22


  • The Theatre at Acting Out (Ohio, February 2007)
  • 78th Street Theatre Lab (New York, December 2007)


This is loosely adapted from my friendship with my college roommate. I'll let you guess who's who.

When an old woman’s leg falls off, she sings "Barbie Girl" (an apt commentary on the fungible natures of our dreams/limbs), followed by "Forever Young" (a lament about how she may not, in fact, be all that young as she is holding an item that was previously her appendage). ~ The Three Perils of Argentina: The Arts