Craving for Travel

By Greg Edwards and Andy Sandberg
Published and licensed by Stage Rights
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"So funny! Craving for Travel packs laughs!" [New York Daily News]
"A comedy with heart performed by two hyper-talented actors." [New York Post]

Craving for Travel is a two-actor, thirty-character comedy of international proportions.

Gary and Joanne, rival travel agents and former spouses, are vying for the travel industry’s most prestigious honor: the Globel Prize. With their livelihoods on the line, they’ll tackle any request, no matter how impossible, and any client, no matter how unreasonable. Full of overzealous tourists, overbooked flights, and hoteliers who are just over it, Craving for Travel reminds us why we travel and everything that can happen when we do.


  • GARY BOLTON, a travel agent
  • JOANNE PIERCE, a competing travel agent and Gary's ex-wife

The same actors play over 30 characters, only some of which are Lithuanian.


  • Town Theatre Of Short Tract in Fillmore, NY (February 5-6, 2016)
  • Peter J. Sharp Theatre, Off-Broadway (January 9 - February 9, 2014)




After being commissioned by Strong Travel, Andy and I interviewed a host of people across the travel industry and wrote a play based on their stories. Think of it as A Chorus Line, but with fewer authors being sued.

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