Episcus and Edendus: A Ten-Minute Musical

Book and Lyrics by Greg Edwards, Music by Ron Barnett

Set in Ancient Rome, Episcus and Edendus is a musical tale about a Christian and a lion who reject the roles assigned to them by society and instead dream of, and schlep to, a world where they can both be free. Namely, Portugal.

Episcus and Edendus was a finalist for 2016 City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting.


  • EDENDUS, a Christian
  • EPISCUS, a lion
  • PRIMA, SECUNDA, and TERTIA, a Roman Greek chorus


  • Artistic New Directions (New York, March 2009)
  • BMI (New York, June 2008)



Read the script. Or listen to some tunes:


In May 2008, Ron and I were paired up randomly for BMI's ten-minute musical assignment. As we brainstormed possible character relationships, Ron suggested a Christian and a lion. This appealed to the side of me that enjoys seeing people being eaten by wild animals (a very large side of me), and we wrote Episcus and Edendus.

"Along with soup kitchens and charitable giving, the Calpurnipalian Church views soothsaying as blasphemy. However, soothshouting and horsewhispering are both permitted." ~ The Eight Theses of Calpurnipalianism, The Judgment of Quintus